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NREA offers two qualification certificates for working in the field of solar water heating. For Firms, apply to get the solar thermal quality (STQ) certificate which guarantees that your firm presents a high quality solar water heating systems considering the design, installation, and maintenance. For Individuals, get a valuable training course then a certification to be a qualified Solar Water Heaters’ installer and maintainer.

The “Solar Thermal Qualified” (STQ) is the national qualification scheme in Egypt for firms working in integrating and installing solar water heating systems. Firms that want to get the certification of qualification should

1- Apply to the Egyptian “New and Renewable Energy Authority” NREA through this page

2- Pay the fees

3- Upload the required documents

4- Representatives of the firm staff would have an exam in NREA

5- After passing the exam, the Firm would get the certification of qualification for working in integration and installation of solar water heating systems

The size and level of complexity of SWH projects variate depending on the sector of application. The SWH systems used in the residential sector are relatively small and compact (factory made systems), compared to the ones used in the commercial and the industrial sectors, that can be custom build and come in larger capacities.

To maintain the certification, the firm should submit the required data about their projects every 6 months

The certification should be renewed each 3 years

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