NREA trainings for installers and maintainers

NREA trainings for installers and maintainers
23 May, 2021


The UNIDO SHIP project aims is to develop the market environment for the diffusion and local manufacturing of solar energy systems for industrial process heat. The project targets the key industrial sectors of food, textile and chemical as they are of great potential for solar thermal uses.

The main components of the project are developing policy instruments to promote the use of solar energy for industrial process heat, mobilizing finance for the deployment of solar energy for industrial heat, improving the manufacture, supply and distribution of solar energy components and systems and building the capacity of technical designing, developing and servicing solar thermal systems.

This project is expected to achieve important outputs in promoting the use and manufacturing solar thermal systems. Through this project, development of incentive schemes and policies are expected. The project will set innovative financing packages targeting solar heat for industrial process projects. It targets implementing 100 solar heating pilot projects and building capacity for 200 local experts in the fields of design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of solar heating systems. Finally, standards and best practices for manufacturing, installation and maintenance of solar thermal technologies will be developed to ensure high quality and performance.

NREA Training

During the period from 14th March to 18th March, installation and maintenance of solar thermal systems ToT (training of the trainers) took place at the New and Renewable Energy Authority (NREA). The training was given to the audience by local and international experts in the field of solar thermal systems. The audiences were NREA employees from managers, engineers and technicians qualifying them as trainers for installation and maintenance of solar water heaters. They will be capable of certifying the engineers and technicians of solar companies in the Egyptian market to install and maintain solar water heaters and thus ensuring the deployment of high quality systems in Egypt. The training was repeated again to employees from solar companies in Egypt with the help of the trained NREA employees.

The training lasted 4 days covering the below areas and the 5th day was an exam including theoretical and practical exams as well as interviews.

  • Definitions of solar radiation and orientation
  • Solar water heaters definitions, technologies and systems technical drawings
  • How to perform site surveys
  • Installation steps and techniques of flat plate collectors and evacuated tube collectors with best practices
  • Trainees were able to practically install different systems: open systems, closed loop systems with flat plate collectors and evacuated tube collectors as well as thermosiphon and forced circulation systems
  • Steps of commissioning the systems were performed practically
  • Preventive maintenance and troubleshooting of SWH


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